Not weird at all –

I did a happy dance when the CC company refunded what they’d overcharged in cc protection and something else to the tune of $381 AND, even more dramatic, my electric bill of $.67!!!

I spent the weekend resting per the Dr’s order, took my antibiotics, watched the ex collect his stuff and waved goodbye with nary a tear shed – weirdly, I felt completely neutral – I’m guessing that is a healthy response?!

I watched Monster’s University and World War Z, woke up late and went to bed early, pottered around slowly, baked up a whole pumpkin for creamy pumpkin soup and oven braised pork country-style ribs to be used for pork tacos sometime this week.

I played with the tervlets and cuddled with my pups and sheep and goats and marveled at how different I feel this year,compared to the same time last year. Emotionally and physically in a much healthier space, and next year I’ll be in better shape financially with the choices I’m making, and have been making. I’m looking forward to my birthday and don’t forget you and Gary