And amazingly, this one is in California in the Bay area !!

It’s called Patten University, a private, 4 year college, fully accredited. Quote “Our Unique low costs and monthly payment schedule helps you budget for your education and AVOID DEBT.”

Upside: Tuition is flat rated at between 1316 and 2000 a semester, (there’s a $400 add’l campus fee), they don’t take FAFSA, you can pay as you go by the month, roughly $350, basically a part time job, and they are in a nicer part of Oakland. No difference between a California resident or a non-resident. Has an online program same as campus, same rate.

Downside: really limited programs of study (if you want to be a teacher, it might be the place for you),

I get the feeling it has a stringent honor code, kind of like BYU. Nothing in writing that I see, but when 2 of the 7 degrees offered are Biblical Studies and Pastoral Studies…that might be the first hint they’re not looking for party-ers and pot-heads.

I have the same one

My only complaint with it is that you have to have the gauge checked every year for accuracy through the local extension agent. I’d prefer the one with the weights instead but won’t give this one up. Besides I got it as a birthday present.

But I do LOVE the size of it.

Thanks for the link to the second one, I think I may splurge and get that so I have it.

I did notice a couple of new accessories in the accessory pack which would be handy to have; namely: the large LCD digital timer and Jar Wrench. The kitchen tongs are not as handy as the tongs that I have (Oxo brand all metal) and I did purchase an additional stainless steel wide mouth funnel which I found worked better for me.