And amazingly, this one is in California in the Bay area !!

It’s called Patten University, a private, 4 year college, fully accredited. Quote “Our Unique low costs and monthly payment schedule helps you budget for your education and AVOID DEBT.”

Upside: Tuition is flat rated at between 1316 and 2000 a semester, (there’s a $400 add’l campus fee), they don’t take FAFSA, you can pay as you go by the month, roughly $350, basically a part time job, and they are in a nicer part of Oakland. No difference between a California resident or a non-resident. Has an online program same as campus, same rate.

Downside: really limited programs of study (if you want to be a teacher, it might be the place for you),

I get the feeling it has a stringent honor code, kind of like BYU. Nothing in writing that I see, but when 2 of the 7 degrees offered are Biblical Studies and Pastoral Studies…that might be the first hint they’re not looking for party-ers and pot-heads.