After making the discovery of

how close we truly are to being debt free we decided to celebrate by taking a one day staycation and go on a fall foliage tour near Lake Tenkiller in our area.

I’m so excited about the next six months (who would think you would get excited about paying bills—lol) that I find myself making more and more little payments between pay days. The end result was an additional $10 savings on interest on our Best Buy account this last month, which was kind of like making an additional small payment. LOL! I’m so weird!

After our trip on Saturday we spent Sunday doing more culling out and packing ds to send him off on a 3-5 week walk down of a gas plant. He’ll be home weekends, but this is the first big trip he’s ever done for a company and he was pretty excited about being given an expense account and a rental car.

However, his DR training did show up in the business meetings prior to him leaving when they started talking about sending a company credit card with the four of them or having them charge to their personal accounts and get reimbursed. He spoke up immediately and said “no thank you” to the company credit card and that he didn’t use or believe in using credit cards and he’d prefer an expense check. They quickly complied with his request, after all the owner is a DR fan as well.

So he’ll have to file and expense report when he gets back, but he prefers it that way. Wow! What a difference 4 years makes.

Ds won’t eat beans (allergies, plus he doesn’t like the texture of them) or onions. So while he’s traveling we are definitely on a beans and rice, rice and beans menu around here with LOTS of onions thrown in. Today’s dinner is Spicy Ranchero Beans (Pioneer Woman, aka: Ree Drummond recipe) and cornbread.

I plan Red Beans and Rice this week, followed later in the week with Hoppin’ John. Beans and rice, rice and beans, food storage rules!