End of the week, he wants to retire so bad

and this mandatory 10 hours a week is wearing him out. Plus he’s concerned about ds going out of town for 5 weeks of walk down. Ds has never done a walk down of this sort and neither have 3 of the other four that are going.

There are still a lot of variables in the game plan, like this week for numerous reasons dh only got 8.5 hours ot in, and the week of Thanksgiving and the week he goes to AU there won’t be any of course unless something is worked out. He’s been having some trouble with his legs and is just exhausted.

Didn’t help we had the top come out of a big cedar come down in the storm day before yesterday and it’s now on the back deck and stairs. It also looks like it took out quite a bit of another tree, one of our big pine trees, on its way down and so he’s going to have to do chainsaw work this weekend that he is NOT looking forward to.

So the good news was exactly what he needed to hear.