Medical challenges

My family is facing an unexpected challenge and I am so thankful we have followed Dave’s advice!
I was diagnosed with breast cancer last week and am undergoing tests and working with doctors to establish my treatment plan. I do know that I will be facing chemo and surgery and perhaps radiation. It has come as a complete shock – no family history and I’m only in my 40’s. Best news came tonight – my PET/CT came back clear of any additional spots. Just my breast and one lymph node have been effected.
My DH and I have always been savers and planners. What a relief it was last week when I got the call to know that everything is already in place. After reading Dave’s book several years ago we finally got our life insurance policies in place, as well as our wills. I don’t plan on needing them, but having them there is another load off. Especially when it will be harder to qualify for cheap insurance now.
We are debt free but the house and have a lot in savings and investments. It was such a relief to call our investment guy and for him to say that we have plenty of funds. Live how we need to right now, take care of our family, no worries.
Keep it up guys! It is so worth making sound decisions and putting yourself in a position to be ready for thank potential hurricane! We have the ability to focus on my health and not worry about the family finances.