We all expect our kids to say or do cute things when they are little

After all Art Linkletter said it best “kids say the darndest things.” Yes, Art had the show first for you younger kiddos.
But every so often my adult children still have me rolling on the floor in laughter. Today was one of those days. I’ve not been online for a couple of days due to storms and internet issues so I was running behind on all posts and especially facebook. So I caught about 3 days of their posts all at once and I was soon laughing so hard I had tears running down my face.
DD started it off talking about how she loved Halloween so much as a child because we always had great costumes for her (thanks Sammi) and then went on to now she has nothing to wear because she dresses so outlandishly every day. The way she worded it had me in fits of giggles, but to others it wouldn’t be as funny I’m certain.
So my multi-colored hair daughter who may show up to work in anything from Steampunk to medieval clothing regrets she can’t dress up for Halloween now. And before you ask, her dressing outlandishly at work is the norm for several of the employees so her career is not in danger.
Not to be outdone ds is “bemoaning” the “Smurf blue” outfit he’ll be wearing the next several weeks as he does walk downs at a gas plant. He went into a whole routine about being Papa Smurf, and then thinking he was going to have to shave off five pounds of his unruly red beard, then relief for all responding friends when he found out he doesn’t have to, but that he will have to be prepared to shave at any time “just in case.”
This lead to him saying he was going to have to carry Barbasol and a razor on a tool belt as he mapped and measured and wondered if he’d need a concealed carry license to do that. It disintegrated from there to the point I could hardly see from laughing so hard.
I’ve decided both my kids are certifiable and I love them for being that way.